SITXCOM005: Manage Conflict – Conflict Resolution Techniques

  • Subject Code :SITXCOM005
Assignment Task:

Your task: 

Read the following scenarios and answer the corresponding questions for each.

Scenario 1:

You are working as part of the wait staff at a local restaurant. A customer you are serving has called you over to her table and has complained that she has found a hair in her meal. However, she has finished her meal and there is no hair to be seen. She is visibly unhappy and demanding a refund. This is not the policy of your restaurant.

Scenario 2

You are working at a hotel that is popular with international tourists. A foreign tourist approaches you with a complaint about his room, but you are struggling to understand his concerns due to his accent and language barrier. You begin to understand that the customer has an issue with the cleanliness of his bathroom. He is becoming agitated, aggressive, raising his voice and speaking quickly. He has crossed his arms and looks stiff and tense, as well as frowning at you. How will you manage this customer’s complaint? Answer the following questions based on this scenario.


Scenario 3

Some hostility has been occurring among your work team as Sarah and James always receive the weekend off, and the rest of the team is required to work both Saturdays and Sundays. The other employees are beginning to resent Sarah and James for always receiving the weekend off work. The team rarely works with Sarah and James due to this rostering, and when they do, there is conflict. The other employees hold fixed opinions about Sarah and James and as a result, the working environment has become tense and there has been a lot of gossip. The conflict has not been resolved, and is therefore increasing in severity. As a result, arguments have occurred between Sarah and other employees. There has been a notable decrease in productivity.

MGMT6012: Impact of Values – Ethics and Diversity

Critically analyse the roles, functions that managers perform and discuss the challenges and risks they have to address in today’s changing organisations
• Discuss the impact of values, ethics and diversity on the culture of an organisation and the role, behaviour and performance of managers within that organisation.

Students will individually draw up a case study report on their own organisation, or an organisation of their choice. The case study will demonstrate an understanding of
organisational theory including organisational ethics and ethical practice. The case study report should include:
• a rationale for the research methodology and organisational theory utilised including comparisons with alternative theory;
• utilisation of appropriate research strategies;
• a critical examination of the role of ethics and ethical practice relevant to the chosen organisation;
• a discussion of the role and legitimacy of the management function and how it is impacted by politics and the social environment;
• incorporating the use of qualitative analysis; and
• incorporating the use of several high-quality external sources.

Element of Learning – Developed my Knowledge and Skills

By Midnight on Tuesday 28/04/2020 to the collaboration website.

Produce a report with evidence to cover stages 1 – 5 and upload a zip file containing working code in the form of .java and .class files, or a zipped NetBeans project folder,
together with any other supporting files. You are free to use NetBeans but do not include the GUI code generated by NetBeans if you use the GUI builder.
A written report containing the evidence of all completed stages, which should include:
A description of how you designed and developed the final code with suitable screen shots of the program in operation.

  • A commented version of
  • Suitable screen shots of the program in operation
  • Testing plan and results as detailed in the testing section of the notes
  • Details of any faults and failures

Conclusions and reflection. For the reflection you should write at least 400 words, answer either (a) or (b) from the following:
a) What did I actually achieve with this element of learning? Which were the most difficult parts, and why were they difficult for me? Which were the most straightforward parts, and why did I find these easy?
b) What have I got out of doing this element of the course? How have I developed my knowledge and skills? How do I see the payoff from doing this element of the course helping me in the longer term?

Your program listing.
The written part (excluding code listings) should be no more than 2,000 words and there should be no more than 5 screen shots. There will be a penalty for going over either of these limits.

MGMT2021: Business Law – Legal Systems in the Caribbean

he world post Covid 19 has created the concept of social distancing which will impact on the way we do business. Online purchasing is expected to increase because it will reduce human interaction and contribute to the reduction of Covid 19 related illnesses. However, online purchases have created contemporary legal issues which may be a novel for most legal systems in several Caribbean Countries.

You are required to critically discuss the concept of online purchases and the various methods used in online transactions with supporting case laws.

Secondly,  critically discuss  FIVE (5)  CONTEMPORY CASE LAWS related  to online purchasing at  the  International Level, focusing on  the  judgements  handed down in  those cases and most importantly  how do you think that will impact on  the Caribbean  online purchaser.

 Finally, bearing in mind your answers above; what do you think (your opinion) that Caribbean Governments can initiate via its legal systems to enhance and protect online purchasers legal rights?

Related Course Objectives:

    1. Analyse legal systems in the Caribbean.

    2. Interpret General Principles of Law.

    3. Explain General Principles of Law of Contract

    4. Explain business law concepts and legal definitions as they relate to Contracts, Tort, Criminal activities, Agency, and Electronic commerce.

    5. Explore the various case laws, judgements and Acts of Parliament in the selected country as they relate to specific legal issues.

    6. Examine the various types of crimes including white collar crime and other corporate crimes.

    7. Assess contracting issues in the world of Electronic Commerce.

    8. Apply legal knowledge gained from the course to practical, everyday settings and situations.

    9. Use problem-solving and decision-making skills to resolve legal issues and problems.

    10. Practice the process of legal analysis and reasoning.

    11. Acknowledge the development of law in terms of the doctrine of precedent.

    12. Propose recommendations based on the law to solve legal issues.

Business Ethics – The Biggest Ethical Failings

Your report should answer the following questions in response to the case study on pages 3-4 below:

Q1. What would each of the normative theories say are the biggest ethical failings (that is, the biggest ethical wrong doings) in this case and why? (40 marks)

Your answer should demonstrate an understanding of these three normative theories and their application to business practices as discussed in this unit.

Q2. Other than (i.e. not including) CSR, Carroll’s pyramid, and the broad and narrow views, which 3 ideas and topics from the unit are most relevant to this case and how do they apply? (30 marks)

Your answer should demonstrate an understanding of the key concepts and topics from the unit and their application to business practices as discussed in this unit.

Q3. According to the salience model (pictured in Figure 1 below), which if any of the stakeholders have the following characteristics and why do you think that? (30 marks)

• Power but not legitimacy or urgency (i.e. dormant stakeholders).

• Legitimacy and urgency but not power (i.e. dependent stakeholders).

• Legitimacy, power, and urgency (i.e. definitive stakeholders).

Your answer should demonstrate an understanding of this model, the key topics and theories, and their application to business practices as discussed in this unit.


Share a case that involved a client who reported sexual abuse (past or current);

Share a case that involved a client who reported sexual abuse (past or current); domestic violence; or abuse of a child, elder, or dependent adult. Remove the client’s name and all identifying information. Use a pseudonym when referring to the client. If you have not worked with a client who has experienced or reported abuse, create a brief hypothetical case.
Explain how you considered the ethical and legal aspects of this case, including any reporting mandates for abuse in your state as well as the protocols for mandatory reporting at your site.
Drawing from the current professional literature, include at least one article that describes counseling approaches that have been found effective in working with clients who have suffered abuse.
Discuss one of the specific interventions you used with this client. Was it effective? Describe what you observed that let you know whether the intervention was effective or not.
Optional – Readings
You may also wish to read the following library and Internet articles, which offer some additional insights on this unit’s subject:
Durfee, A. (2011). “I’m not a victim, she’s an abuser”: Masculinity, victimization, and protection orders. Gender and Society, 25(3), 316–334.
Hill, J. M., Vernig, P. M., Lee, J. K., Brown, C., & Orsillo, S. M. (2011). The development of a brief acceptance and mindfulness-based program aimed at reducing sexual revictimization among college women with a history of childhood sexual abuse. Journal of Clinical Psychology, 67(9), 969–980.
Bell, C. H., & Robinson, E. H., III. (2013). Shared trauma in counseling: Information and implications for counselors. Journal of Mental Health Counseling, 35(4), 310–323.
Perilla, J. L., Serrata, J. V., Weinberg, J., & Lippy, C. A. (2012). Integrating women’s voices and theory: A comprehensive domestic violence intervention for Latinas. Women and Therapy, 35(1–2), 93–105.
Optional – Internet Resources
U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Children’s Bureau. (2018). Child maltreatment 2016. Retrieved from
Myers, K. (2014, September 26). Exploring the impact of war. Counseling Today. Retrieved from

Topic 8 Paper Refer to “Research Paper” and follow the instructions for completi

Topic 8 Paper
Refer to “Research Paper” and follow the instructions for completing this assignment.
Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide,
This assignment uses a rubric. Please review the rubric prior to beginning the assignment to become familiar with the expectations for successful completion.
Social Psychology
Research Paper 
Throughout the program, you should be thinking of a research topic you would like to explore. In the capstone course (PSY-693), you will create a research proposal. To assist you in the creation of that proposal, you have decided on a research topic and begun collecting empirical studies to support the need for research. Your topic must relate to a basic social psychological principle; however it can fall into one of the applied subfields (forensic psychology, psychology of religion, industrial organization, health psychology, etc.). 
For this assignment you will begin analyzing the current research around your chosen topic. 
Using the empirical articles you have collected thus far, compare the current research for your chosen topic, in 2,400 words. The following information will assist in the analysis of the literature:
1. Introduction: This section should include your research question with a brief explanation of why the research is needed.
2. Compare and analyze the literature in the articles collected.
3. Compare the limitations of the studies you have collected.
4. A conclusion that includes how your research will add to the current field of research.
****Prepare a document that includes your research question(s), including how your research will add to the current research in your chosen field (from your Topic 3 assignment). Your document will include five scholarly, peer reviewed, empirical studies from the past 5 to 7 years. This section should include APA formatted citations for each article, including permalink or doi number.
NOTE: Will prefer something on forensic social rehabilitation
proposal as described and questionnaire 

For response 3, write a personal essay on “Your intersectional identity” For thi

For response 3, write a personal essay on “Your intersectional identity”
For this essay you can use authors bell hooks, Audre Lorde, Kimberle Crenshaw. Make sure you use atleast one author’s work in your narrative and don’t forget to cite the author appropriately.
Be personal. Use examples to explore how you have grown into your intersectional identity.  Also, explore in what ways is this intersectional identity one of empowerment or marginalization.   
APA. Minimum 3 pages, Times Roman, double-spaced, Font 12. 
you can use crenshaw document for writing

Prepare a strategic plan that contains the following sections; please use templa

Prepare a strategic plan that contains the following sections; please use template attached.
Executive Summary
Company Overview (with NYSE or NASDAQ ticker symbol)
Company History
Products and or services
Mission Statement
Corporate Values & Culture
SWOT Analysis
Management team/Leadership
Financial Outlook
Additionally, please ensure the following criteria is included/added in the paper.
You must include a minimum of 6-9 sources and 3-4 must be from a peer-reviewed source (library/journal articles)
Your paper should be in essay format; not bullet format.
Minimum 12 full pages of content (Word Document) of strategic material (does not include cover page, executive summary nor reference pages); DO NOT GO OVER 14 pages of actual CONTENT (max content).
All charts, graphs and pictures are to go in appendix (not a substitute for content)

Is the United States of America a democracy? Detailed Outline: -Introduction (2-

Is the United States of America a democracy?
Detailed Outline:
-Introduction (2-3 Paragraphs):
Define and discuss the criteria for democracy.
What does a country need to be democratic?
-Thesis Statement (1 Paragraph):
Clearly state whether or not you think America is a democracy.  Briefly preview the three pieces of evidence you are going to use. Your thesis statement is your argument.  It must be clear and strongly stated so I know what you are arguing.
-Supporting Evidence 1 (1-3 Paragraphs)
Using Freedom House’s 2021 (2020 if 21 is not available)analysis of the U.S., support your argument regarding democracy in the U.S analysis of the U.S., support your argument regarding democracy in the U.S.
Supporting Evidence 2 (1-3 Paragraphs)
Choose a news article and explain the event covered in the article and how it 
supports your argument.
Supporting Evidence 3 (1-3 Paragraphs)
Choose another news article 
-Conclusion (1-2 Paragraphs)
Summarize your supporting evidence and how it supports your overall argument.  This should include a brief discussion about how the other argument could be right
Citations: You will need outside sources for this paper.  All sources must be properly cited.  This means that the sources need to be parenthetically cited in the text of the paper and need to be included in a bibliography page.  You are not allowed to use any user edit web sites (Wikipedia, Yahoo Answers,, etc.) or social media as sources 
4-5 papers